Repairs and Restoration

Talaiot Audio Factory offers repair and restoration services for most professional studio equipment including:

Outboard gear

Repair, recaping, calibration, retube and refurbishing for most hi end analog studio gear, microphone preamplifiers, dynamic units, equalizers and effect processors. Transistor based and tube type gear.


We service condenser style, tube as well as other types of microphones except for old ribbon and radio microphones.

Amplifier repairs

We do amplifier repairs , recap, retube and bias calibration for most audio amplifiers, guitar and bass amplifiers.

Analog Tape machines

Our services are: Repair, Recap, Cleaning, degaussing and tape machine Alignment.


We are familiar with most analogue consoles including Solid State Logic, API, Amek, Neve, MCI, Soundcraft, Calrec and others. We can service desks on site or refurbish/recap in our workshop.

All cases are different so, we need you to give us information about the malfunction before you can send it to our lab. Next, we will contact you to discuss your repair options so we can send you an RMA number. After inspection we will formulate an estimate including parts plus labor cost. We will include the cost of the initial inspection on the total labor cost if you accept the estimate. If for some reason you decline a minimun of 60 euros will be charged.

Lead times of third party repairs can vary depending on various factors as availability of replacement parts or schematics, we will do our best to keep the client advised of progress. Because some equipment is problematical due to unavailability of spares or very labour intensive to be cost effective, we reserve the right to decline the service of some equipment.

Call us or send an email to know about your needs.

Equipment we Do Not Service

Hi Fi and Semi Pro recording equipment , musical instruments and some stage fx boxes, digital multi-track & stereo recording / playback devices, computers & DAW including peripheral devices and some synthesisers and keyboards.

Studio Setup

We do recording studio installation. Our services are:

  • Wiring planning based on customer needs and workflow.
  • We Make recommendations on type of materials (patchbays, cables, connectors, signal panels, AC management).
  • Wiring, soldering and labeling of patchbays and general cabling.
  • Formulation of estimate of materials and installation labor.
  • Planning schedule.

Custom Racking

We  offers a set of options in custom racking of all types of vintage outboard gear and mixing console modules . We design of the custom front panel , case and power suply to your needs

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